8 TV console decor ideas that transform tech with style

We have noticed one very clear similarity between all the living rooms we swoon after. They could have a totally different color scheme, totally different style but the thing they all have in common is you don’t instantly notice the TV. It’s either hidden in some bespoke unit, subtly integrated into a gallery wall or (and this is what we are going to focus on here) it’s sat upon an expertly styled console.

Tech can be such an eye-sore and really distract from the rest of the room, but let’s be honest, most living rooms do have a TV, and the most common home for a TV is a TV console. So it’s down to this piece of furniture to do all the work in turning the TV into a stark black square to a less noticeable, more stylish part of the room. 

Tv console decor ideas 

We asked some of our favorite designers how they approach a TV console, and what tips and tricks they use to elevate this surface. 

Modern living room with large windows

(Image credit: Alice Gao)

Designer Kati Curtis gets it spot on when she says, ‘While designers often overlook them, TV consoles are undeniably a crucial and prominent aspect of our lives. Although you won’t find glossy magazine photos showcasing their beauty, we all know they exist in every household.’

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