Anabolic Steroid – Trenbolone Acetate For Muscle Mass
Anabolic Steroid – Trenbolone Acetate For Muscle Mass

Trenbolone Acetate, commonly known under various brand names like Finajet, Finaplix and Toraflex among many others, is a bovine androgen and anabolic steroid drug that's commonly used in animal veterinary medicine, particularly to promote muscle growth in dairy cows. It's usually given in injection directly into the muscle. It's most effective for younger, stronger animals. It stimulates growth, improves milk production and increases energy of the animal. It's also been found out to be effective Trenbolone Acetate for other types of animals including horses and donkeys.

The effects of this anabolic steroid vary according to the dosage and the timing of application. However, it usually works on promoting lean muscle growth, increased bone density and better energy. This isn't the only drug that's used to treat aging animals as there are other anabolic steroids like prednisone, methylprednisolone and even cortisol that work in much the same way. They are only known to have more beneficial effects for the dairy cow.

As mentioned earlier, this anabolic steroids are usually given through injection. To get an idea of how this would affect you or a loved one, let's examine some of the possible side effects. According to the Mayo Clinic, "iovascular disease has been known to occur in animals treated with high doses of anabolic steroids." Unfortunately, there have been instances when users have suffered strokes. Also, according to the Emergency Department of Florida, "the misuse of anabolic steroids can lead to life-threatening problems, such as coronary artery disease, increased blood pressure, heart failure and stroke."

There are also problems with tolerance with trenbolone acetate and it's easy for users to become less tolerant over time. So, it is recommended that you keep your dosage under control for a period of time before you begin taking it for muscle mass gain. The most common side effect is depression, especially in older animals. This shouldn't be a problem if the vet keeps the dosage under control, but in case of overdose, contact your vet right away.

Like any other anabolic steroids, there can be dangerous side effects if you are a male and/or female. If you are a female and you give birth to a child, it is possible that the effects of the anabolic steroids could be irreversible. You could end up having sexual problems or suffer from fertility problems. Male trenbolone steroids can cause enlargement of the prostate and kidney stones.

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